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Freelance Design Services

KathArt Design offers a wide range of branding and graphic design services to meet your needs. Feel free to browse the list of featured services below or reach out directly by submitting your questions and information here


Logo Design

If you want to stand out in a crowded market, a professionally designed logo is a necessity. A logo good logo should tell a story about your organization and its products or services while remaining simple, clean, timeless, and instantly recognizable. Logo design is KathArt's most popular service. 

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Web Design

Whether you are a new company looking to develop your first website or an established organization in need of a website redesign, I am here to help. I design websites to match your brand's image and help your company reach its marketing goals.


Package Design

Whether you are rolling out a new product that needs fresh packaging, or revamping the look of an existing product, KathArt Design is here to help. From hand sanitizer to massage oils, packaging acts as an extension of your brand image and needs to communicate your value to the customer quickly and efficiently.


Print & Digital Graphic Design

Advertisements, direct mail pieces, store signage, social media posts, business cards, letterheads, product packaging, large-scale banners, photography, and retouching… your brand identity can be extended across unlimited channels, and KathArt Design has the experience and knowledge needed to represent your brand effectively.


Branding Guides

KathArt Design offers brand guide booklets to keep branded content standardized across all media channels. This PDF booklet The Brand Guide acts as a roadmap while designing and includes logo treatments, approved fonts and pairings, color palettes, branded language, and more.

Phone on Desk


It can be difficult to find unsponsored advice online for small brands trying to grow. If you're struggling to plan a rebrand, a new email/social campaign, or trying to grow your business into new markets, please reach out for a consultation. 

Project Portfolio

Click below to browse my Full Graphic Design Portfolio and view examples of my work. 

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