Contracted and Freelance Work

While working with Capsa Ventures LLC, I had the opportunity to work on multiple subsidiary brands. These include Canvas Properties, Rodadora Homes, Fourth&, and Assurance Roofing. I gained experience working directly under the VP of Marketing in roles such as a creative director, art director, brand strategist, and website designer. This is a sample of the brands I've worked on.

Capsa Ventures

Changing the way Austin is built. 

Capsa Ventures is a real estate development company that focuses on sustainable and innovative solutions. I worked as a general brand strategist for Capsa Ventures. My role included a website redesign, logo upgrades, website maintenance, and swag design.

Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 3.44.27 PM.png

Withington Wellness

Yogi Community Center

Withington Wellness was a freelance project that included a couple of logo designs, a website header, and business card designs. It

is a community of uniquely-certified yogi trainers. The designs 

required a quiet modesty that was powerful enough to be a brand

but remained respectful of the text's sacred origin.


Canvas Properties

Greater Austin Real Estate

Canvas Properties is the real estate sister company to Capsa Ventures. I created advertising content for our agents that were used across various social platforms. 


Rodadora Homes


Rodadora is a development project that has just been taken underway. We partnered with BDX Media to create renderings of the unique homes. I finalized the Rodadora branding, designed a website for the neighborhood, and art directed multiple billboard designs. 

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Billboard Designs

In front of the Rodadora property, there is a conveniently located billboard that we will use to advertise our new community of steel-framed homes. I was tasked with designing multiple iterations of billboards including a modular design that would involve only changing the left half of the billboard throughout the development.


Green Condos in East Austin

Fourth& is a mixed-use complex in East Austin that includes shell commercial space and residential condominiums. My work with this brand included a refresh campaign, website management, model unit staging, and lobby staging. 

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