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Hot Glue Figurines

It started with making tiny mushroom figurines using hot glue. After I understood the basics of sculpting using hot glue, I began challenging myself to make recognizable characters and more complex designs.


Tiny House

Built from tongue compressors, two candle lids, and a deconstructed cereal box, this small-scale house is painted with acrylics and filled with hot glue furniture.


DIY Dollhouse

Starting with a drawer and a shoebox, this dollhouse was the natural follow-up project after the Tiny House. I included as many interactive and realistic elements as possible: drawers that open, mirrors that reflect, and a TV with interchangeable screens.


Bleach Painting

The first bleach-painted shirt (a skeleton ribcage on a black shirt) was born from the Halloween spirit. A bowl of Clorox, a plain shirt, and a paintbrush led to the rest of the collection. 

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