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I have worked on a variety of projects for this local Southern CA organic produce farm. These include designing tincture labels, farm stand banners, and flyer designs. 


I designed the logo, chose a color code for the brand identity, and designed the package labels for Texas Clean hand sanitizer supplier. This was -apparently- free labor. 


I managed the re-fresh campaign plan, design, and execution for the mixed-use condo building in Austin, TX. 


Logo design for beach house swag and merchandise. The owners requested an MRI wavelength, a dolphin, and the property name in a single-color logo. 


Logo design for a local "diaper cake" maker.


Logo design and business card design for a local yoga instructor in Southern California. 


Yogi Community Center: Logo, Mantra, and Business Card Design

Withington Wellness is a community of uniquely certified yogi trainers who hired me for a freelance project that included two logo designs, a website header, and business card designs. The logo designs required a quiet modesty that was powerful enough to be a brand but remained respectful of the text's sacred origin. Using Sanskrit references, I was tasked with adjusting the curves and accents of a character to correct the translation and turn it into a signature "stamp" or badge for the brand. After initial sketches and verification of the translation, I hand-painted the character design, scanned the canvas paper, and cleaned/refined the design in Adobe creative suite. The result was a brand badge that's easily manipulated, memorable, and beautiful in its traditional ink red.

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Organic Produce Stand in California: Banner Designs, Label Design, Poster Design

Oak Grove Farms is a local organic produce supplier in Orange County that hired me for a variety of design projects including vectorizing their current logo, two banner designs for their farmers market stand, and package designs for their mushroom tincture labels. The banner design process included multiple initial layout variations, followed by edits based on client feedback until the design was satisfactory. Label designs were designed from scratch in accordance with local FDA requirements and updated after organic certification was approved. 


Hand Sanitizer Supplier in Houston, TX 

Texas Clean is a group of opportunistic entrepreneurs that began reselling FDA-approved hand sanitizer from the Colorado area in Texas when the pandemic began in early 2020. I was hired as a freelance graphic designer for their logo and label designs. Initial sketches were hand drawn and the overarching concept was approved. I digitized and cleaned up the layout, made badge variations of the elements, and chose an overly-trustworthy color palette. The label design turned into a rush order, as Texas Clean needed a logo in order to sign a big deal with the City of Houston. The result was a very clean logo, a brand image that's easily manipulated, a memorable design . . . and a runaway client. 

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