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Project Portfolio

KathArt Design works with clients to establish a creative brief, agree on the payment plan, and set a timeline for deliverables. Small projects are billed hourly while larger deliverables receive a package quote. Fill out the Contact Form below to learn more about working with KathArt Design. 



Oak Grove Organic Farms
Sustainable Lifestyle Farming 

Oak Grove Organic Farms is a local organic produce supplier in southern California, and KathArt's largest client currently. Oak Grove came to me wanting a brand refresh to accommodate its expanding services and consumer base. I worked closely with the owners to flush out their ideal new brand image and form a mission statement. From here, KathArt created a new logo to fit their needs, iterated until approved, and then helped carry the rebrand across their various channels. This has included a complete website rebuild, packaging for mushroom tinctures and produce, flower arrangement stickers, and two banners for the farmers' market stand. 

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Yoga Shakti Studio

Yoga Shakti is a community of uniquely certified yogi trainers that regularly hires KathArt for freelance graphic design when projects come up. So far, KathArt has created a suite of logos, designed a new website to match the rebrand, refined its business cards, and created labels for massage oils.

The logo designs required a quiet modesty that was powerful enough to be a brand but remained respectful of the text's sacred origin. Using Sanskrit references, I was tasked with adjusting the curves and accents of a character to correct the translation and turn it into a signature "stamp" or badge for the brand. After initial sketches and verification of the translation, I hand-painted the character design, scanned the canvas paper, and refined the design in Adobe Creative Suite. The result was a brand badge that is unique, memorable, and steeped in tradition(al ink red).



Texas Clean

Texas Clean is a group of opportunistic entrepreneurs that began reselling FDA-approved hand sanitizer from the Colorado area in Texas when the pandemic began in early 2020. I was hired as a freelance graphic designer for their logo and label designs. Initial sketches were hand drawn and the overarching concept was approved. I digitized and cleaned up the layout, made badge variations of the elements, and chose an overly trustworthy color palette. The label design turned into a rush order, as Texas Clean needed a logo in order to sign a big deal with the City of Houston. The result is a very modern  logo that is communicative and memorable. 


Capsa Ventures LLC

Before KathArt Design, I spent over three and a half years gaining experience as a Brand Strategist and honing my Graphic Design skills. I directed brand strategy for new developments as well as their many affiliated entities. These included a Real Estate Brokerage, a Roofing Repair Company, and Commercial and Residential construction divisions. My primary responsibilities included constructing and maintaining websites for all entities, designing advertising content aligned with each entity's individual branding, and developing full brand books and logos for residential developments. 

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